Wet-Room Style

Many Americans still fear the splash of a wet room, a strategy our European friends are much more used to employing in tight bathrooms. This clever design has the best of both worlds: The shower can remain open to the rest of the room for an airy feel, but a shower curtain is hiding behind the wall next to the vanity, its rod unobtrusively tucked right up next to the ceiling.

Notable detail: That hunky, chunky block of a vanity makes a strong impact.



A classic style


Some say that the simplest ideas are usually the best. This stark simplicity of black and white, with a dash of neutral accents, will inspire peace those that yearn for a simpler and more relaxed time.

The wallpaper, a giant city map, provides a sense of the-enormity-of-life to the room, yet lets you control it; since you and only you can see the whole design. It’ll have you feeling like you’re Major Tom, quietly orbiting the silent Earth, taking in all its majesty…